SOL Lingerie Review


A few months ago, I found myself googling for the solution to my postpartum breast struggles. It seemed like my clothes, even though they fit, weren't sitting on me properly. Like, even though I was wearing a bra, my breasts weren't being supported or something. It was hard to explain. I also had nursed two children for 24 months, and felt my breasts were limp and wondered if they needed more help than a bra could offer. Thankfully, I stumbled upon SOL Lingerie's website, and saw the lingerie boutique was located in Denver, in Cherry Creek North. I called to ask them the point blank question, "How are you different than Victoria's Secret or even Nordstrom?". The question was well received by a friendly voice who was excited to invite me into the store to let me see for myself. I booked an appointment for the next day (ohh, an appointment to look at bras, awesome!).

Upon arrival into the store, I was greeted by the soothing sound of a venetian fountain. The store is small and cozy, and not overwhelming. I was greeted by my fitter, who little did I know, would do something amazing for my self-esteem that day and the days to come (more on that later!). Ashi, my fitter, is beautiful, intelligent, charming, witty and able to connect on a deep personal level. I have to admit, when I first met her, I wondered how in the world would she understand my struggles I am having with my breasts and being postpartum. She was just so gorgeous, but two seconds into talking to her, I saw she truly cares about her job and was able to help. I let her take me to the fitting room and I opened up to her. I was vulnerable and told her I was honestly a skeptic at the idea of higher-end lingerie, and didn't even know if it would help the problems I was having. She didn't want me to get overwhelmed, so she did my shopping for me. I sat in the room while she went and picked inventory that would fit me properly based on her expertise. She also wanted me to find bras and panties that made me feel good about myself. Ashi never once took a tape measurer around me awkwardly and measured my bust. She is *that* good, she uses her eyes and expertise to determine what size you are. I will tell you, Ashi has never gotten my size wrong. She helped me to put on the bras; okay, awkward at first, but then it made me feel like I was truly being taken care of!

Tears welled up in my eyes the first bra she put on me and she had me look in the mirror. It was lacy and blue, and nothing I would have picked out if I were left to fend for myself. I turned around to see myself in the mirror, and I nearly lost it when she told me I looked like a bombshell. Me? The tired mama, who has a 3 and 1.5 year old, a bombshell? But she was right. It made me feel good on the inside to see myself in something I would have worn before having children, and that feeling of positivity penetrates to the outside when you feel that happy and good about yourself. She truly changed my perspective for how I see myself, that day.

SOL lingerie is about more than gorgeous garments, that are beautiful to behold and touch and wear. SOL is about empowering women, to let them know they deserve to feel good about themselves, NOW. Women don't need to loose weight, start working out or dieting to experience that feeling. SOL is an experience, about learning about yourself and honoring the important work you do as women.

Since my initial day of buying bras, I have gone back twice now, and Ashi has become someone I look forward to seeing. She knows my children's names, and she also met my husband. I look forward to seeing her because she is an intelligent, fun, beautiful woman, but also because she elicits confidence out of me, and each time I walk out of that store, I leave truly feeling better on the inside. She has a way of building you up when you feel vulnerable and down, and empowering you to carry that confidence with you throughout your daily life.

I can joyfully recommend SOL to any of you out there, who may need or just want a new undergarment that is different than something you would usually buy. SOL is a perfect store for women any time in their life, as a single woman, or married! True beauty is on the inside, and what could possibly be more wonderful than a woman feeling beautiful inside and out?!

SOL's website is or you can give them a call at 303-394-1060. If you end up going, please comment and let us know how your experience was! We KNOW you won't regret it!